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2R’s – Recycle and Reuse For Components

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Many companies recycle and reuse components according to their need; therefore, they buy passive components from various facilities. Moreover, not only the profit margin is high in this type of activity, but society at large is also benefited from this.

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Distribution Of Electronic Components Is A Herculean Task

electronic components distributors

There is a huge responsibility on electronic components distributors to make sure that they are able to meet the demand of the consumers. There are number of stakeholders involved in the process, to streamline the process of distribution, online tracking can be a great help.


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Bidding Process To Buy Military Components

obsolete military components

The Armed Forces make an effort to open a bid for the buyers, who are interested in buying armed forces components. The bid is open for general public to buy military components; one has to register themselves with the armed forces to participate in the bidding process.

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What Are The Devices or Products Known As Passive Components?

Obsolete Distributor

Passive components are the devices that do not require any source of electrical power to operate or perform their functions. They are different from active components and they are different types like capacitors, resistors and memristor. One can buy them from new or obsolete distributor.

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Finding Obsolete Military Component Suppliers

obsolete military component

Obtaining military components that are no longer being produced, or are obsolete, is often a difficult task. Hiring a team that is able to find you the components you need can be more cost and time efficient than doing so yourself. Other benefits include testing of products, which is imperative for obsolete military components.

Obsolete components are parts that are no longer being produced by the original manufacturer, often making them difficult to find. Some obsolete components are in high demand, creating an opportunity for counterfeiters to copy the components and sell them, typically, for a cheaper price. However, the sale and use of counterfeit components is dangerous and thus, illegal. One of the benefits of hiring a supplier is eliminating the guesswork of whether the components you are purchasing are authentic or not.

By thoroughly researching your options of obsolete military component suppliers, you will be able to find suppliers that have a strict counterfeit prevention program. Some suppliers choose to use a third party testing lab, while other have their own testing facility. Some testing may include x-ray testing, identifying proper markings, measurement, physical testing, and electric testing and other procedures to determine that the components are authentic. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the supplier you hire complies with all government regulations as is necessary.

Once you have established which supplier has the most fitting counterfeit prevention program, research their experience and try to get testimonials from clients, if possible. Client feedback will give you a realistic understanding of how the supplier operates and if they are reliable. Furthermore, inquire directly with the supplier regarding any questions you may have. Speaking with the supplier is an important step to making an educated decision about which one best fits your company.

If you haven’t found a qualified obsolete military component supplier, Harry Krantz Company has over 70 years of experience in obtaining obsolete military components. They comply with all government regulations and their counterfeit avoidance program is strict and thorough to ensure their clients’ satisfaction. To learn more about Harry Krantz, their stance on quality assurance, or to request a quote for obsolete electronic parts, visit www[.]harrykrantz [.]com.

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