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Harry Krantz Company – A Global Distributor Of Electronic Components

electronic components distributors

Harry Krantz Company is a global distributor of electronic components offering obsolete and hard-to-find military, aerospace, Hi-Rel, and commercial parts. Visit our website to check whole inventory or call us (800) -645-6196.

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Reliable Suppliers Providing Arms To The Armed Forces

military parts supply

The military component suppliers have utmost responsibility on their shoulders to provide arms and ammunition to the Armed forces. The Armed Forces would only be regarded powerful, when they have reliable suppliers, which can provide appropriate military components.

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Distribution Of Electronic Components Is A Herculean Task

electronic components distributors

There is a huge responsibility on electronic components distributors to make sure that they are able to meet the demand of the consumers. There are number of stakeholders involved in the process, to streamline the process of distribution, online tracking can be a great help.


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Components That Are Considered Passive Devices

buy passive resistors

Components like inductors, diodes, capacitors, resistors and transformers are all listed in the category of passive devices. If you manufacture electronic devices and want to buy passive resistors, you can check out best manufactures’ websites by browsing the internet.



Is Excess Inventory A Problem For You?

electronic components

There are times, when advances in technology results in pruning and shedding excess of the inventory consignment; there are number of business firms, which are interested in purchasing this kind of inventory as it can help them in a way or the other.

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What Is The Use Of Electronic Components In Military?

military component suppliers

Military holds the responsibility for security of the nation and it needs quality equipment for their work. They need these equipment which are made by using electronic components. They get these devices from the obsolete military component suppliers so that they can make certain of the nation’s security.



Improving Cash Flow By Selling Off Unproductive Inventory

obsolete electronic components

Electronic device makers and companies often decide to sell off obsolete electronic components in order to create extra space in warehouse which is otherwise wasted by useless inventory. Many third party suppliers not only distribute outdated parts but they also accept orders for buying them.

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